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About Helen

I have been teaching Teeline Shorthand for more than 25 years

I am passionate about my teaching and my students. I never tire of seeing the progress of students, from that first introduction when it can seem a little confusing to the second session where it starts to be more logical, especially if they have done the required homework…

About Teeline Shorthand

In the past 450 years there have been almost 500 different forms of shorthand developed in Great Britain

Teeline shorthand was developed by James Hill in the 1960s. He was a Pitman teacher and taught evening classes. He noticed that he started the new year-long course with a large number of students but as the year progressed the number of students dwindled…

The 6 simple rules of Teeline

  • Omit the Silent letters
  • Omit Medial Vowels
  • Omit one of the Double Letters
  • Use Phonetics whenever possible
  • Retain Sounded Vowel at the Beginning of Word
  • Retain Sounded Vowel at the end of Word

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