I have been teaching Teeline Shorthand for more than 25 years, part-time at University of South Australia (15 years), The Advertiser newspaper (News Corporation) (22 years), and adult evening classes (12 years). Over that time, I have worked with over 3,000 students from various backgrounds and of differing abilities, and ages ranging from 15 to 82 years.

I am passionate about my teaching and  my students.

I never tire of seeing the progress of students, from that first introduction when it can seem a little confusing to the second session where it starts to be more logical, especially if they have done the required homework.

I have found that those students who share my passion for Teeline will be inspired from the first session and will progress rapidly.

As the Teeline system is based on our own English alphabet, with its upper case, lower case print letters, and cursive style of writing, it is quickly picked up.

Learning Teeline is the same as learning any new skill – it is a little bit practised often. The method is not confined to the classroom but can be used in many different ways, as will be explained as we progress through the theory.

My method of teaching will encourage you to make efficient and effective use of your time in learning a new skill. Often, I find that students who have studied another language will understand this method quickly. Others, like me, will be able to use the effective use of time to then study another language successfully.